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The best and most efficient remodel contractor in Las Vegas is by far Las Vegas Remodel Contractor.

Let Las Vegas Remodel Contractor find the solution to all of your remodel needs.  Our professional staff and General Contractors are eager to get your home improvement needs taken care of.  The numbers don’t lie as according to Trulia – 90% of homeowners say they are going to remodel their home at some point rather than buy a new one.  Just over 40% of homeowners say that they will definitely remodel within 2 years.  Let us be the remodel company that puts your home improvement project together.  We make it simple so you don’t have to worry or do any of the work.  From start to finish, the remodeling project will be well organized and maintain within your budget.  Las Vegas Remodel Contractor has plenty of staff on hand to watch over even the largest home improvement projects.  We aim to please and make sure your 100% satisfied throughout the entire process.

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Whole Home Remodels

Is your home ‘dated’? We can help you to design and complete a whole home makeover that will give you stunning results.

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Kitchen Remodels

In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Let’s make your kitchen an amazing showplace with warmth and functionality.

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Bathroom Remodels

Las Vegas Remodel Contractors are Ready to Assist You With Your Dream Bathroom. Large and small – we do them all!

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Las Vegas Kitchen Remodel

What sets us apart from other Las Vegas Remodel Contractors?

First off, our reputation is second to none.  A vast majority of our remodeling and home improvement jobs are actually either past clients or referrals from current clients.  Our remodeling jobs speak for themselves.  We pay great attention to detail during the entire remodeling process so that things don’t slip through the cracks so to speak.  Timing is everything in a renovation project and it’s important that everyone is on the same page.  Our staff keeps great logs of production to make sure we stay on the time frame that we set and the project is done as projected.

We understand that having your home remodeled can be not just costly – but stressful as well.  We take all the precautions in order to make your remodel project run smooth.  We also understand that some things happen in a remodel job that we don’t have control of and that’s when we step in and fix the problems as fast as possible.  We’ve always got a handle on all of our projects.

Let’s talk about cleanliness and organization.

Cleanliness and being extremely organized are two very important qualities for a home remodel project.  Okay – so the answer is yes.  Anytime you are tearing out the old in your home and installing the new, there is going to be dust and debris.  We have a full crew dedicated to clean up on a daily basis.  We will never leave trash and dusty areas behind as we realize that you most likely will be living in the property during the remodel.  We go to great lengths to make the home remodeling experience as comfortable as possible.

Being well organized is a key factor to make any remodel project go off without a problem.  Keeping focused on time lines within the project and making sure vendors are scheduled well within their deadlines is extremely important.  By making sure great records are kept and maintained keeps projects on time and helps with keeping on budget as well.  We have an inside dedicated team that does just that – keeps things on time and within budget.

Licenses and Bonds

Las Vegas Remodel Contractor is fully licensed and bonded to handle any project rather it be small or even commercial level.  We comply with all the guidelines and are in good standing with the Nevada State Contractors Board.  We also maintain an A+ rating with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau and are members of the National Association of Home Builders.  We take our home improvement and home remodel projects serious and make sure to be 100% in compliance at all times.

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We pull all the necessary permits so you don’t have to.

You can rest assured as we pull all the necessary permits for any remodel work that we get contracted to do.  You will never have to take the time and stand in line.  We also know what remodel jobs need a permit and which ones don’t.  For example – small kitchen repairs to exhaust fans and appliances do not require a permit.  In a kitchen remodel, the City of Las Vegas or City of Henderson both require a specific “kitchen remodel” permit.  It is often times that we will need an electrical or plumbing permit as well.

Permits are a good thing in a home remodel project as they become a permanent record of work that has been completed and inspected.  The inspection is to satisfy the home owner that the remodel project has bee done correctly and will not cause any internal damage to the home.  We make sure to have all the necessary permits for just that reason – your home is most likely your biggest financial investment and we want to make sure and protect that.

What is the rule of thumb when it comes to home renovation deposits?

The State of Nevada Board of Contractors set the limits as to what general contractors can take as a deposit for a remodel project.  Deposits are taken based on two components.  One being the size and scope of the remodeling project and the other is the types of products that our contractor is going to need.  There are cases where if you are wanting a really high end material or appliances, we will need to take additional deposits when necessary.

The types of projects Las Vegas Remodel Contractor does

Our company provides a large amount of remodeling services for you.  It’s pretty much that if you request something done, we can figure it out and get it done for you.  We are a total full service remodeling provider. 

Our services include the following:

If you are considering increasing the value of your home and even thinking about doing a major remodel project……look no further.  Las Vegas Remodel Contractor is your go to construction team for just about any project you can dream up.  We promise to outline all of the projects details prior to starting and keep within all your budget requirements.  Contact us or give us a call today so that our friendly staff can get one of our consultants over to your property and check out what you want done.  We’ll get you a quote quick and get your project started at your convenience.

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