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Bathroom Remodel – One of our customers most requested project.

One of the most frequently asked services that our customers inquire about is for a bathroom remodel job.  There’s really not a better feeling than waking up to a brand new bathroom remodel.  With the right colors and state of the art materials, your bathroom remodel can make you feel like you are having a day at the spa.  Here at Las Vegas Remodel Contractor – we have so much variety to choose from that you will spend days picking out all of your brand new beautiful items that will make your bathroom remodel a total success.  But don’t worry as we have an in house design team to make your choices much easier. Check our About page to know more about our company.

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Items that get replaced when you have your bathroom remodeled

While the list of items that can get replaced during a bathroom remodeling project is just about endless, we are able to replace just specific items and not the entire bathroom.  For example, maybe it’s a jetted tub that you’ve always wanted or a steam shower for after those hectic days.  Sometimes it’s all about the color as the tub, toilet and sinks can be totally outdated and by just changing those items in a bathroom remodel project can do the trick.  New vanities or cabinets really can do the trick.  With the trend moving away from fully mirrored bathroom walls of the 80’s and 90’s to individual mirrors over sinks, we’ve got you covered.  Our professional team will make sure to carefully remove those godly looking mirrors so it doesn’t cause more damage.  So get those designer industry magazines and start clipping items you like.  We love when our clients have ideas before a bathroom remodel project goes underway.  We’ll do our best to help you find everything your heart desires for your bathroom remodel project.

Increased value for your home with a bathroom remodeling project

Just like a kitchen remodel, having your bathrooms remodeled in your home provides much extended value. On average, our customers are spending just around $20,000 on their bathroom remodel projects. Upscale bathroom remodeling projects can go upwards of $65,000. In these cases, research shows that the average bathroom remodel can fetch the homeowner up to 67% at time of sale where the higher end renovations tend to get just around 60%.

Whatever the case, don’t think that the potential buyer doesn’t notice when a bathroom is out of date. That is one of the most common reasons that a home shopper doesn’t choose a particular property. The bathrooms were out of date. Updated bathrooms not only bring more value to a home but it is where you spend a lot of your time. Let’s get your bathroom remodel project scheduled today and bring your beautiful home up to your liking.

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Bathroom Remodel • Las Vegas
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Bathroom remodel costs and why they can be so expensive

The bathroom is typically the smallest room in your home yet it can be the most costly to remodel.  This is because there are major items that need to be purchased and dealt with like plumbing and electrical when you are making changes.  Supplies alone are costly not to say the labor fees in a bathroom remodel as well.  It’s all too often that when our demolition team starts to tear things apart in a bathroom remodel, they tend to run into other problems that weren’t seen by the naked eye.  For instance, a leaky pipe under a sink that may have caused some mold or even some old faulty electrical.  Las Vegas Remodel Contractor is here to help and we have a dedicated staff to keep your project on budget and on time.  We are your resource for any and all your bathroom remodel needs.

If money is an issue but the bathroom really needs to be spruced up, we can help you there too.  Here is a list of not too expensive items that can be replaced or cleaned up to really feel like you’ve had a complete bathroom renovation:

  • Clean the tile grout and and give that tile a new coat of grout or caulking.
  • Painting alone can make a bathroom remodeling project really pop.
  • Take out the old fixtures and put new updated faucets and towel bars to match
  • Save on counter tops as there are tons of new materials that look and feel just like the expensive ones.
  • Head to the thrift stores as you may be totally surprised at what you find.

Preparing for a bathroom remodeling project in your home

Well – our first answer to all of our customers that are planning a bathroom renovation is to tell them to move out of that bathroom and use another if available.  One thing we never do is remodel all the bathrooms in the home at the same time.  As you can imagine, that could end up being a serious problem and one that could land you in your local hotel.

Here’s some things we can help you with if you want to continue to use your bathroom during its renovations.  The first and most important task that we achieve in a bathroom remodel project is a timeline.  One that we can stick with and make sure the renovations are done on time.  It’s really important that both our team and the customer is on the same page when it comes to bathroom renovations.  Secondly, make a schedule for everyone that is using the bathroom so that you are prepared for the contractors when they are ready to get to work.  Go through all of your personal bathroom items like hair shampoos and conditioners and get rid of the clutter.  Clean out all of the medicine cabinets as well as under the sink.  We can’t stress that enough as you never know what ends up under bathroom sinks.  Whatever it takes to get your bathroom remodel project to go off without a hitch, we’re here to help.

Licenses and Bonds

Las Vegas Remodel Contractor is fully licensed and bonded to handle any project rather it be small or even commercial level.  We comply with all the guidelines and are in good standing with the Nevada State Contractors Board.  We also maintain an A+ rating with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau and are members of the National Association of Home Builders.  We take our home improvement and home remodel projects serious and make sure to be 100% in compliance at all times.

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How can you pay for your new bathroom remodel?

Here at Las Vegas Remodel Contractor, we have many options for you to pay for your bathroom remodeling project.  We have established relationships with great financial institutions and now offer low interest rate financing for your convenience.  This way, not having the entire amount of funds on hand doesn’t stop you from having the bathroom remodel of your dreams.

Of course, we always take cash and also personal credit cards.  Make sure and speak to our financial team we have in house so that you can take advantage of what works best for your household.

Give us a call today or visit our Contact page and let’s sit down and start creating a list of what you would like to have done for your remodeling project.  We come to your home as well to help with the creative process.  We have an in house design dream team to ensure your bathroom remodeling project will make you very happy. 

In all our renovation projects, we are just weeks out.  You can never tell when we may get busy so it’s better to get your project scheduled sooner than later.  We’re standing by and waiting to hear from you.

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