Are You Looking for a Perfect Interior Painting or Exterior Painting?

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Spruce up your home with an inexpensive solution – paint.

On a bit of a budget but need something done to spruce up the inside of your home?  We’ve got the perfect solution for you – an interior paint job.  There’s nothing that refreshes the inside of a property like paint.  You can stay within the same color scheme or even change it up a bit.  Painting is always a project that can be not only affordable, but make a big difference in your home.  It’s not just the paint that looks fresh on the walls, but the smell of fresh paint makes everything seem to be just clean.  Our interior paint services are very affordable and we promise to be neat and tidy along the way.

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living room remodel with interior paint
Interior paint for bedroom

How often should you paint the interior of your home?

It truly is amazing at what an interior paint will do for your home.  It’s kind of amusing as you really don’t realize that your home needed a fresh coat of paint until you’ve had it done.  Las Vegas Remodel Contractor suggest that you have an interior paint job done about every 5-7 years.  This time frame also depends on which rooms you are doing and how much traffic they get.  For instance – an entry way or hallway that gets high traffic will require an interior paint job more often than a guest bedroom that isn’t always used.  We say it’s okay to paint specific areas that have more use while not painting the other areas of the home.  Guess it’s that old saying – “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  Our painting team can come out free of charge to let you know what needs to be painted and what doesn’t. 

What are some trends for interior paint on a home?

There are some interesting trends when it comes to interior paint for your home.  We are seeing a lot of warmer tones like golds, bronzes and sienna.  Of course, the two-tone paint is still rather popular with most of our customers.  It gives a room a variety of the same color tone in both dark and light paint.  One trend that we are seeing as well is darker shades of bronze, blues and greens.  We’ve even been seeing the return of the 90’s mauve except now the paint companies are calling it magenta.  We believe that paint is becoming more of a dramatic expression for your home and definitely making a statement.  Our in house design team will be happy to help you with your paint color choices.  We even splash a bit on your wall as a sample just to make sure it fits.

How long does it take to paint the interior of a home?

Of course, everything depends on the size and scope of a home when it comes to interior painting.  Features like vaulted ceilings or pot shelves and staircases can give challenges to our paint crews so those areas might take longer.  A good rule to go with is about two to four days per room.  That allows our paint team to prep, prime and paint the room properly.  We know you’re busy and we will do our best to get out of your hair as soon as possible.  But when it comes to an interior paint job, it’s important that we don’t rush and take our time to make it perfect for you.

Want to change the curbside appeal on your home – we provide exterior paint services.

As we said about the interior painting, well that goes for the exterior paint job as well.  There really is nothing that refreshes and perks up a property like giving it a fresh coat of paint.  An exterior paint job can bring much more value to your property and let’ just say it really makes you feel good about being that homeowner.  We understand that painting the exterior of your home is quite a big deal and we go to great lengths to make sure that your exterior paint job is the best ever.

interior painting for remodel
Exterior Painting for remodel

Licenses and Bonds

Las Vegas Remodel Contractor is fully licensed and bonded to handle any project rather it be small or even commercial level.  We comply with all the guidelines and are in good standing with the Nevada State Contractors Board.  We also maintain an A+ rating with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau and are members of the National Association of Home Builders.  We take our home improvement and home remodel projects serious and make sure to be 100% in compliance at all times.

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Latest trends in exterior paint for your home.

So in regards to trends for exterior painting jobs, we’re seeing one major one and that is color.  Obviously white, taupe, light grey and dark grey will always be popular.  But the exterior paint colors that we see our customers choosing lately are quite interesting and we’re having a bit of fun changing it up.  The grey-blue or even periwinkle has become quite popular with it’s white trim giving it that beach like feel.  We also see soft turquoise, sage greens, mint greens, grey green, mustard yellow, butter yellow, pale blue, dark blue and even black, red, pink and warm brown.  The color wheel for exterior paint is on fire and just about anything goes.  Our painting team actually likes this trend as the houses here in Vegas don’t all just look alike once people start doing exterior paint.

Painting an exterior door a color with splash

One of the most fun trends that is taking place is painting your entry door or garage doors a total different color that pops with the home.  Something like a medium grey exterior paint with a salmon front entry door.  It’s been something that is becoming more and more popular with our house painting customers.  Our design team has all kinds of ideas for doing specific tricks on your exterior paint project.  Just give them a call and they will be happy to put some sample pallets together for you.

How often should you paint the exterior of my home?

Here at Las Vegas Remodel Contractor, we suggest that you get exterior of your home painted every 4 to 7 years.  Unlike the interior of your home, the exterior gets a lot more exposure to the elements like sun, heat, rain and cold temperatures.  Let’s just say the exterior paint pretty much takes a beating especially here in Las Vegas.  Contact us or give us a call today so that we can get you a free, no obligation estimate to paint the exterior of your home.

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