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Why remodeling your kitchen can be the best thing you’ve done for your home

A kitchen remodel project is by far our most popular service and one that takes some really great planning in order to pull it off.  Everyone knows that the party always ends up in the kitchen as it is one of the most important areas of your home.  If you have the budget, it really is a must do as statistics show that a kitchen remodel is one of the top things you can do to your home and get the highest return on your investment. 

It’s also a fact that over 45% of all homeowners have remodeled their kitchen because they just couldn’t stand the site of the old one.  Even just a minor kitchen remodel can get back around 98-1/2% return once the property is sold.  Major kitchen remodels don’t get back as high as numbers but they do get a return for your investment.  All in all, if you can put the funds together to do the kitchen remodel, make sure and get it done….you won’t regret it whatsoever.

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What’s the difference between a major kitchen renovation and a minor remodel?

Well that’s pretty obvious – it’s the amount of items that are being upgraded as well as the actual cost of the kitchen remodeling project and what is the scope of the labor in the job.  So a minor remodeling job for an average 200 square foot kitchen would be to do things like put in new wood cabinets, laminate countertops, change out the sink and faucet, paint and maybe some new backsplash.  That’s going to definitely hit the bank account hard on average about $64,000.  That also includes new appliances as well as upgraded lighting and flooring.

The major kitchen remodel projects can go well above $100,000.  That’s when you start doing things like custom kitchen cabinets, tile backsplash, granite or quartz countertops, adding islands and re-designing the entire look and feel, painting and flooring.  Once a major re-design is in the works, electrical and plumbing most likely need to be moved.  If there is natural gas in the property, that will probably need to be adjusted too.  At Las Vegas Remodel Contractor, we can handle either project.  There is no kitchen remodel job that is too small or too large – we’ve got all the bases covered so you don’t have to do a thing.

What are the most expensive things to replace when doing a kitchen remodel?

Hands down, the kitchen cabinets are the most pricey item to replace.  There are some very high end cabinets available in this market and some are high gloss or veneer.  These will definitely but a dent in your budget but are really the focal point of any kitchen remodel.  Running in second place is the appliances.  If you are doing a complete kitchen remodel, we suggest upgrading the appliances at  that time.  The reasoning here is you don’t want to take the chance of damaging a countertop or cabinet installing a new appliance after the kitchen has been newly remodeled.  Countertops come in third but with new available products, they are becoming a large expense as well.

We can lay out a kitchen remodel project that fits within your budget and show you products that you can afford.  Once we know a number for your budget, our design team will work with you to show you products you can afford.  We’ll never show you items out of your budget as we want you to be as happy as possible throughout the entire process. You can also visit our About page for more information.

What are the trending colors for kitchen remodel projects?

It’s always interesting how colors for kitchen change through the years.  We are still utilizing the basics like different tones of greys and of course the traditional white.  Recently, we’ve noticed a trend that tends to move towards darker jewel tones like navy or royal blue.  Sea green and different faux wood tones, both light and dark are popular as well.  There’s also the natural look with a pop of color either in the backsplash or even the appliances.  The majority of our kitchen remodels pick a color of cabinets and then carry that color theme throughout the home.  This gives the property a clean, sleek appearance and is easy on the eyes.

Major kitchen trends for your upcoming kitchen remodel

As for trends in kitchen remodeling – there is a variety of sources that are hitting the kitchens these days.  “Sustainable” and “Eco-friendly” are terms often used these days and they are usually in cabinets and shelving.  Having open shelves versus cabinets is very popular too.  What we are really seeing is hand painted tiles that have beautiful colors and patterns on them being used for the backsplash. 

As for appliances, we are doing a ton of pizza oven additions in our kitchen renovations.  Believe it or not, fireplaces are very popular too.  Pot fillers that go over the stove top can be very helpful so you’re not dragging heavy pots filled with water through the kitchen.  These come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

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8 key items to avoid during a kitchen renovation project

  • Over designing – Sometimes over thinking creates a situation where you start getting too many patterns and just plain too much going on.  This makes for a bad kitchen remodel.
  • Not paying attention to details – It’s a solution that we have for our customers as we put together design boards that highlight every item that we need in the kitchen renovation.  This way, we can see everything put together right there in front of you.
  • Cutting back on storage – this is usually a budget cutting scenario that ends up going south very quickly.
  • Picking appliances last – this is a huge mistake as if you don’t have the measurements,  you can run into serious issues and even have to go back and make changes to the entire kitchen renovation.
  • Not being able to make decisions or changing your mind too frequently – changing your mind can be a costly mistake.  We encourage our customers to stop looking once choices have been made and materials are ordered.  Most products cannot be returned so you’re out the money.
  • Picking the wrong size kitchen items for your space – we measure very carefully so that we’re not getting you a refrigerator that sticks out past the counter or a hood range that is just too big.
  • Paying attention to the work flow within the kitchen – this is where our design team assist’s in laying out the flow of the kitchen so that you’re not running all over the kitchen for one item to the other.
  • Choosing poor colors and designs that don’t work together – color is important but try to stay away from extremely bright colors like hot pink or lime green.  They just don’t blend well with most kitchen remodel projects.

Licenses and Bonds

Las Vegas Remodel Contractor is fully licensed and bonded to handle any project rather it be small or even commercial level.  We comply with all the guidelines and are in good standing with the Nevada State Contractors Board.  We also maintain an A+ rating with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau and are members of the National Association of Home Builders.  We take our home improvement and home remodel projects serious and make sure to be 100% in compliance at all times.

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Financing your kitchen remodeling job is now reality at Las Vegas Remodel Contractor.

Talk to our friendly finance team regarding your kitchen remodel project.  We’ve hooked up with some great institutions that are giving us plenty of options for our customers to use.  We’ll be happy to go over all of your financial needs.

The kitchen remodel season is all four seasons now.

It used to be that summer was the season for kitchen remodel projects but that’s not the case anymore.  More families are choosing to upgrade where they live as they enjoy the schools, restaurants and other convenient businesses that they are used to.  We’re busy – and that’s no tale.  But give us a call or visit our Contact page and we’ll get your project on the books so we can get to you as soon as possible.

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