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Benefits of building a patio cover or on to your home.

There is definitely big reasons to build a patio cover or a pergola on your home.  Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it adds additional outdoor square feet.  Living space inside isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be so building a patio cover outside can provide additional space for the entire family to enjoy.  Placing the patio cover next to the house near a kitchen can provide an extra dining area during the mild weather months.  Let’s face it – it gets hot here in Las Vegas and you definitely won’t be able to sit outside without some sort of shelter.

Did we say HOT?  That’s another major reason to build a patio cover on to your home.  It actually adds another layer of protection to the side of the home keeping the sun from blazing on to the walls.  An attached patio cover can even help reduce energy bills by keeping heat and other elements from within your home.  Here at Las Vegas Remodel Contractor, we specialize in building some of Las Vegas’ most beautiful patio covers and we’d love to build one for you. You can also visit our About us page to know more about our company.

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What is the difference between a patio cover and a pergola?

The one main difference between a patio cover and a pergola really is that the patio cover is typically attached to your home where the pergola is free standing.  They are often times built out of different materials as well.  Pergolas are built often using vinyl or pressed wood materials that are treated for the sun here in Las Vegas.  Patio covers are usually a bit larger and utilize aluminum products for durability purposes.  A pergola is usually somewhere that lets the air circulate a bit more and also allows a little more sunlight than your typical patio cover.  The pergola is also often used to assist greenery and vines grow in the beautiful outdoor space.  Whatever your patio cover or pergola needs are, let our expert team help you in choosing the outdoor space that will be best for your family.

Reasons to choose aluminum when building your patio cover or pergola.

Aluminum products work very well here in the heat of the desert.  Our patio covers and pergolas that are made out of aluminum come with a limited liability lifetime warranty.  Pretty much covered except for high winds or floods that we can’t control.  Aluminum also will hold on to paint much better and will keep the patio cover or pergola looking fresh for a much longer time than wood or vinyl.  Patio cover and pergola companies that are not in a extreme heat, desert area have the liberty of using other materials that are less expensive.  Here in Las Vegas, we only use the aluminum products on all of our patio cover or pergolas.

The purpose of a deck and where it should be placed at your home

A deck is primarily used for additional outdoor space much like a patio cover or pergola.  The deck usually are built under existing covers such as extensions from your home that already exist’s.  Depending on what the purpose of the deck is where you would want it placed.  For example, if you are making a deck for extra dining area then you would want it placed near the kitchen for easier usage.  If the deck is simply just to kick back and chill, consider putting it on the side of the home where there’s not so much activity.  That way, you will be able to really enjoy your deck.

Materials that we use to build a deck for your home

Las Vegas Remodel Contractor uses many different materials for building your deck.  We really pride ourselves in taking the time to analyze the deck project and pick the appropriate materials that will be best.  We have used concrete, stamped concrete, concrete pavers in many shapes and sizes as well as different types of treated wood.  Composite decking and PVC decks are extremely popular here in Vegas as they have a very long life span and pretty much maintenance free.  Both composite and PVC decking are easy to clean, weather-resistant, they won’t splinter like wood nor will they warp or rot.  The design and color choices play a key role in a deck build out and our team is experts when it comes to that.

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Licenses and Bonds

Las Vegas Remodel Contractor is fully licensed and bonded to handle any project rather it be small or even commercial level.  We comply with all the guidelines and are in good standing with the Nevada State Contractors Board.  We also maintain an A+ rating with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau and are members of the National Association of Home Builders.  We take our home improvement and home remodel projects serious and make sure to be 100% in compliance at all times.

What is the difference between a deck and a porch and what is right for you?

Decks and porches are primarily the same thing.  A deck is typically more open for air flow and a porch is more secluded with a roof and even a side wall.  Whatever it is that you are trying to make as an outdoor living space to your home, we’ve got you covered.  A deck or a porch are two specialties that our outdoor living team can help create for you.  Our design team will be happy to draw up renderings so that you can see what will transpire even before it is built.  There’s never any space we can’t transfer into your dream area and relaxation haven.

Permits and scheduling for your deck or porch.

We always pull any and all permits that are needed to build out a porch or a deck for your home.  Sometimes we don’t have to get a permit, but most often they are needed to build a deck or a porch.  It really depends if it’s attached to the home and how far away it is from a property line.  3 feet is typically the rule when it comes to property lines as the City doesn’t want it next to that area.

Don’t worry and hire Las Vegas Remodel Contractor to handle all of your outdoor living spaces for you and your family to enjoy.  We can’t wait to get started on your next project so give us a call today!  Remember, summer used to be our busy season but now we’re always busy.  Our great customers have really rewarded us for doing great contractor work so now we have many referrals. Contact us today!

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